Carson Collection

When settlers first arrived in Texas, they realized the vast, open plains were perfect for grazing cattle, and farms quickly transformed into ranches. Cattle drives up the Shawnee and Chisholm trails soon became a popular means for Texas ranchers to sell their cattle to markets all over the United States. By the 1870s the invention of barbed wire and the sectioning off of land made it difficult to drive cattle on horseback, and ranchers began using the railroad to transport their livestock. Many ranches have modernized their methods, and are still in operation today. Carson County is situated in the Texas Panhandle; a popular area for ranching. The Panhandle is home to the famous XIT ranch as well as the 6666 ranch, which runs right through Carson County. Our Carson collection was designed with the Texas rancher in mind. The buckle is modest enough to wear during a hard day out on the ranch, yet ornate enough for a night out on the town.