Bracelet 1891 Sterling Silver Engraved Double Leaf

A uniquely concave design adds a new twist to our classic Sterling Silver Double Leaf bracelet.

Bracelet 1891 features a hand engraved double leaf bright cut engraved pattern on a wide band with a unique concave fit. No accessory would be complete with out that little extra Clint Orms detail like the hand hammered back you see on this bracelet.

Because of the hand made craftsmanship, no two bracelets are exactly the same making our bracelets truly one of a kind. 

  • Size: .75" wide
  • Wrist size varies. See chart below.
  • Hand engraved
  • Made by Hand in Texas

*Bracelets can be made to order. Please use the size chart below to help assess what size you need. If no size is indicated in the NOTES section of your order, your order will be fulfilled with our standard Medium bracelet size. 



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