Clay 2019 Sterling Silver Hand Engraved 3 Piece Buckle Set


Our Clay buckle sets are sleek and stylish with the perfect touch of western flair. The Clay 2019 is a 1.5" sterling silver 3 piece buckle. The Clay 2019 is entirely hand engraved with beautiful hand cut bright swirls featured throughout many of our traditional western buckles.

What makes the Clay so versatile? Not only can you can wear it as a buckle only for a relaxed everyday look but you can wear it with all three pieces for a more engaging western demeanor. 

Pair the Clay with our premium hand tooled 1.5" straight belt for an everyday elegant western dress.

  • Material: Sterling Silver 
  • Size: 1.5" 3 piece buckle set
  • Fits 1.5" belt
  • Hand engraved 
  • Made by Hand in Texas







* Ruler measures in inches.