The brilliant coloring of turquoise will add a stunning burst of color to any outfit. Wear it every day to uplift your mood, or wear a necklace close to your heart to enjoy its extensive healing and meditative properties.
The turquoise stone is primarily used for protection. It wards off negative energy and emotions and purifies the energy around the wearer. It has long been used as a sacred piece of protection.
The turquoise stone is one of the oldest stones in the world, dating as far back as the ancient Egyptians and Chinese artisans from over 3,000 years ago. It is named after the French term "Pierre torques," which translates to "Turkish Stone."
It was also used in traditional Native American ceremonies, as a bartering good, and as an addition to weapons, jewelry, and other pieces for good luck. Warriors who carried turquoise were said to fight with greater speed and accuracy.
All of our Clint Orms turquoise pieces are designed for the focus to be on the stone itself. We currently source all of our turquoise from the Kingman Mine in northern Arizona. One of the oldest and last remaining active turquoise mines in the USA. 
Kingman Mine
The Kingman Turquoise mine is one of the oldest and highest producing mines in America. It is located in the Cerbat mountains 14 miles northwest of Kingman, AZ in the Mineral Park Mining District. It has been commercially mined since the late 1880's and produces various shades of both blue and blue green turquoise.