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A hammered finish showcases a textured surface that appears as if tiny indentations were carefully crafted across the metal. It creates a unique and durable play of light and shadows, giving the piece added depth and dimension. This adds a touch of rustic charm and a tactile quality with easy maintenance.

Wheatgrass Engraved

Wheatgrass finish bestows a velvety matte texture. It is an intricate pattern resembling the delicate awn and seed head of wheat grass. Crafted with meticulous precision, each stroke of the artisan's tool brings the enchanting rhythm of wheat. It provides a nice contrast to a brand, or featured element.


Wriggle engraving adds a mesmerizing matte texture with delicate lines on the metal. Artisans carefully craft interlaced lines resembling graceful vines or meandering rivers. Each wriggle stroke is precise, creating a visual delight that captures movement and elegance.


Clint Orms' signature style shines through scroll engraving, a delicate technique that adds flowing lines and elegant curves to metal surfaces. With each scroll carefully etched, he turns plain metal into treasures radiating sophistication and timeless artistry. Like vines dancing in a garden, Clint Orms' scroll engravings captivate, reflecting his expertise and passion for creating timeless masterpieces.

Gun Engrave

Gun engraving takes scroll engraving to the next level with detailed borders and stippling fills, giving the metal a special matte or antique appearance. This style stands out from others, adding depth and texture. With a history rooted in Europe, gun engraving has evolved from weapon decorations to modern jewelry. Engravers use advanced tools to create personalized designs, making each piece unique and showcasing artistry that lasts.


A sanded finish gives jewelry a smooth, pebbled texture achieved by sanding with fine abrasives. This creates a matte, non-reflective look, contrasting with shiny surfaces. The touchable, modern appearance adds subtle elegance to the design.


Matte finish gives a vintage look through a heavier oxidation process. It intentionally darkens the silver to create a muted, weathered look.This non-reflective surface brings warmth and authenticity. It creates an instant classic with the look and feel of a treasured heirloom.


Polished finish gives a smooth, shiny look that reflects light. It is high-gloss finish, making details stand out with depth and brilliance. The high-gloss finish enhances the details of the engraving, adding depth and brilliance to the design.