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Why We Do It

Our Mission.

We strive every day to create handcrafted belt buckles, jewelry and accessories that embody a carefully preserved Western heritage, a personal touch, and exceptional workmanship. We do this for the pleasure and enjoyment of our customers and the generations that will one day succeed them.

Our Vision.

Our team of master silversmiths, designers and engravers is dedicated to keeping Western culture alive by sharing its unique styles, sentimental traditions and old-time values in a tangible, sophisticated and tasteful way. We believe that you have to know where you came from, to know where you’re going.

Our Philosophy.

Our success is defined by the unfailing implementation of ethical practices and a respectful personal demeanor in all interactions with customers, business associates and employees. Our achievements as a company are further determined by our ability to consistently live up to our own and our customers’ standards of quality, service and satisfaction. We embrace these principles wholeheartedly and enthusiastically.

Our Values.

Read about Western culture and you’ll invariably come across these words: integrity…compassion…fairness…passion…pride…and, of course, hard work. Given our strong belief in Western tradition, it’s only logical that these are the very words we live by at Clint Orms Engravers & Silversmiths.