Brandes 1805 Sterling and 14 Karat Gold Overlay Trophy Buckle

The Brandes Overlay buckle showcases the exquisite handmade Clint Orms quality we are so proud to share.

Traditional in shape and size but luxurious in detail, the Brandes 1805 features hand cut sterling silver and 14 karat yellow gold overlays and framed with a 20 Gage sterling silver rope edge. 

The Brandes 1805 can easily be paired with a gown as a high fashion accessory or worn with one of our Premium 1.5" straight Alligator belts, jeans and a blazer for everyday. This buckle will stop anyone in their tracks. 


  • Material: Sterling Silver & 14 Karat Gold 
  • Size: 2.85" x 2.1" Rectangle Trophy Buckle
  • Fits 1.5" back
  • Hand engraved 
  • Made by Hand in Texas



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