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The Story Behind the Bexar 1800 Broken Arrow Buckle

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Step into Western elegance with a Trophy Buckle meticulously crafted by hand right here in Texas. The Bexar 1800 features five sterling silver arrows and one broken arrow in gold. 

32 years ago, Clint designed this piece in his Houston workshop. It was a unique night, that led to this special buckle being created as a highly limited design – there are only 500 made.

If you're someone who appreciates a wearable piece of art that's added to your wardrobe as a one of a kind piece... You'll want to be among the select few who have this Bexar 1800 Trophy Buckle.

Here's the story of inspiration from the night Clint created this design, in his own words:


"The Broken Arrow was inspired by the gang firearms shooting going on outside my shop on Rasmus, just off Janetta Way in Houston. Some of you know that shop well...

I was thinking of the American Indians' lifestyle and my good friend, Michael Redshirt, when the gunfire commenced. The 12-15 rounds of shots went off long enough for me to have some thoughts of the life of the American Indians.

I visioned two tribes in a big open field attacking each other, arrows flying and loads of Indian chatter, and the Chief walking out in the green pasture and breaking his Best Arrows as a sign of peace.

Then the party began and the peace pipes were passed and who knows how long the peace remained.

Hopefully many moons.

RIP Michael Redshirt. Thank you for always being there for me."

Symbolism of Broken Arrows

In American Indian history, the breaking of arrows symbolizes the desire for peace. Imagine the scene: a lone chief, standing tall amidst the chaos of battle.

His heart is heavy with the weight of war. Instead of fighting, he chooses a different path – one of reconciliation and understanding.

With a solemn gesture, he breaks his finest arrows. This timeless symbol of courage and diplomacy served as the inspiration behind Clint's design.


Honoring Tradition

Led by Clint Orms, our artisans draw upon generations of expertise to bring you a piece of wearable art. Each detail of this Bexar 1800 Sterling & Gold Broken Arrow Trophy Buckle reflects our dedication to quality and authenticity.

By using the highest quality materials available and crafting each design with care, Clint Orms Silversmiths & Engravers ensures each piece will last – and become better – with age. The belt buckle you wear today will become an heirloom passed down through your family. 

behind the scenes photo from workshop showing engraving process with hand tools

Crafted from the finest sterling silver and 14-karat yellow gold, the Bexar 1800 showcases the skill of our artisans. From the intricate engraving done by hand to the smooth, polished finishes, each piece is a testament to the enduring legacy of American craftsmanship.


A Statement Worn with Pride

Whether you're riding the open range or stepping out on the town, this sterling silver and gold buckle is sure to turn heads. It's more than just an accessory – it's a piece of tradition, a nod to the values of honor, integrity, and freedom that have shaped the American West for centuries.

As you fasten a handmade Clint Orms belt buckle around your waist, let it serve as a reminder of the timeless allure of our Western heritage. Embrace the spirit of adventure and the appreciation for fine craftsmanship.

Take pride in wearing your new buckle and know that one day, it will be cherished by generations to come.


More Designs with Broken Arrows

For those prefer sterling silver on its own, you'll find the Morris 1800 Sterling Broken Arrow Trophy Buckle has a very similar arrangement of arrows to the Bexar 1800.

Morris 1800 Sterling Silver Broken Arrow Trophy Buckle

Men and women alike will enjoy wearing the Bracelet 1814 Sterling Silver Broken Arrow Cuff. Just 0.75" wide, this can be paired with other bracelets for an elegant stacked look.

Carry your cash in a beautiful money clip. The San Augustine 1601 features two sterling silver crossed arrows and an 18-karat yellow gold broken arrow featuring 27 diamonds. This money clip has a matte finish created by an intricate wheatgrass engraving style.

In true Clint Orms fashion, each of these designs is made by hand in Texas. Piece by piece, plain metal is turned into treasures radiating sophistication and timeless artistry.

As Seen In

Cowboys & Indians
Texas Monthly

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