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Crafting Custom Cowboy Belt Buckles Celebrated by Cowboys & Indians Magazine

  • 3 min read

Over the years, our founder, Clint Orms, has been featured in magazines and books, such as The Western Buckle: History, Art, Culture, Function by David R Stoecklein.

Editors are drawn to our workshop in Texas as a symbol of the honesty and integrity of the Cowboy Way.

For the August 2022 issue of Cowboys & Indians magazine, the editors asked Clint to write about creating something more than an accessory. Could he present a statement piece, something to wear for rest of one's life?

Cowboys & Indians magazine, August 2022 cover

He chose the Morris 1813 Gold Arrow buckle.

We are honored and humbled to be in this renowned publication that celebrates everything Western. It is great to be recognised for our pursuits as custom belt buckle artisans.

Let's take a journey through our craftsmanship, the esteemed Morris 1813 Gold Arrow Sapphire Trophy Buckle, and how we proudly join Cowboys & Indians magazine to embrace and preserve the cowboy culture.

Like the publication, Clint Orms stands as a beacon of cowboy culture. We are crafting statement pieces that capture the heart and soul of the West. From the majestic Morris 1813 to the traditional Ranger Sets, many of our pieces represent the cowboys’ legacy and the timeless values they embody.

Crafting Custom Cowboy Belt Buckles: A Legacy of Pride:

For decades, Cowboys & Indians magazine has been the definitive voice of the Western lifestyle. Its pages are adorned with stories of legendary cowboys, breathtaking landscapes, and artisanal crafts that embody the cowboy way of life.

At Clint Orms, we understand that deeply. A person's belt buckle is far more than a piece of jewelry. It's a reflection of their character, a testament to their accomplishments, and a badge of heritage and honor they wear with pride. Our buckles are meticulously crafted with care, the old fashioned way, to tell the unique story of the person who wears it.

While Clint Orms is a prolific creator of a large collection of remarkable fine jewelry that is equally stunning, the Morris 1813 takes center stage in the magazine.

Morris 1813 Cowboy Trophy Buckle in Sterling & Gold

The featured buckle is the Gold Arrow Sapphire Trophy Buckle. Uniquely crafted from sheet sterling silver and gold, a shafted arrow, set off in 14 Karat yellow gold, holds the featured position in this rectangular shaped trophy buckle. The Morris 1813 is more than an heirloom worthy buckle; it's an exquisite statement piece that lends a nod to the wearer's accomplishments and aspirations.

Custom Made Cowboy Belt Buckles: A Piece of History:

Clint Orms custom cowboy belt buckles are not just accessories; they are a piece of history. They are classic art that one may proudly wear. When you join the family of collectors who wear Clint Orms, you become a part of the great legacy. The stories engraved on each buckle speak of triumphs, legacy, and the cowboy's unwavering spirit. Whether it's the Morris 1813 or any other buckle from our collection, we take immense pride in crafting these unique pieces.

Cowboy Belts with Buckle: Embodying Authenticity:

A cowboy belt is incomplete without an authentic buckle, and we understand the significance of this pairing. Our custom-made cowboy belt buckles fit perfectly with our handcrafted cowboy belts, completing the cowboy's iconic ensemble. Each buckle is designed to complement the belt, creating a seamless fusion of style and tradition.

Ride on, Cowboy!

So, if you're a true cowboy at heart and want to carry a piece of the West with you, our custom cowboy belt buckles await you. Ride on, cowboy, and embrace the spirit of the Wild West with Clint Orms! 🤠

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